Traveling to Nepal, Day 1

The day started with a 2:15 am alarm, immediately into the shower and out of the house by 2:35 am. While I was in the shower my wife made tea for the drive me to Dulles International Airport and dropped me off to meet my four traveling companions April, Keith, Megan and Zack. This is Megan first international trip since she was a child and the flight to JFK was Zack’s first flight ever! The Jet Blue flight from Dulles to John F. Kennedy International Airport was quick and uneventful.

I have been on some rather long flights, 10 hours was the longest until today. The flight I am on right now will become my longest flight to date. We left JFK International at 11:35 am local time. We have been flying  for a little over 8 hours and we still have almost 4 hours to go. We are currently over Turkey, if my geography is correct, heading for Doha, Qatar. We are flying on Qatar Airways and I must say I’m impressed with the service. Everyone from the counter staff to the cabin crew have been very kind and helpful. I have plenty of leg room flying in coach, which I am sad to say is not the norm on some of the transatlantic flights I have been on. The food has been very good and the onboard entertainment is great. A good selection of films, TV shows and audio programs to choose from.

Thus far there have been four food services. First was dinner, slow cooked beef in creamy mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes and green beans with red wine and chocolate moose for desert. Next there was a candy bar snack, then a sandwich and ice cream snack and I just finished my second round of Haagen Dazs Chocolate Ice Cream.

I’ll leave it here for now and write more when on the next flight, Doha to Kathmandu.


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