My Photographic Manifesto

It’s now week five of the first module of the MA in Photography course I’m taking. We were asked to “Write a brief statement, or ‘manifesto’ that defines your purpose as a photographer.” in a maximum of 150 words. This is how I responded:

My Photographic Manifesto:

As a collector of light, I understand there is no bad light, only bad moments to take photos. I will not subject any person, place or thing to being photographed in anything less than the best possible light. At times when the natural light does not meet my expectations, I will try to find or create the best possible light for the person, place or thing that I am photographing. Without light, I cannot be a photographer.

As a photographer, I am responsible for everything that is included in the picture’s frame. The only other photographer I will compare myself to is the photographer I was yesterday. The business of photography is not a zero-sum game; it is incumbent upon myself to find the best possible work that best fits my abilities. Competition is good and raises the bar for all of us making us better photographers.

If you were asked to do the same, how would you respond?


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