Image Remake

Tetbury at Night
Gloucestershire, Tetbury, Market Hall c1930's
Gloucestershire, Tetbury, Market Hall c1930’s
Tetbury at Night
Tetbury at Night

For my remake, I choose to do an update of a photo from the 1930’s, a scene from downtown Tetbury.
This scene reminds me that at one time, photos from far off places brought the world to the viewer. Now it is easier than ever before to travel to far off places and see them first hand. From time to time I see buses arrive in Tetbury full of people. Some already have their camera in hand while others are empty-handed when they get off the bus. What is the purpose of the pictures they take? I believe many are taking photos as an affirmation of their travels, nothing more and nothing less. Some of those photographs might have fifteen seconds of fame on Instagram or Facebook. Far more will get lost in the modern shoebox of hard drives that house thousands upon thousands of forgotten memories. How many times has this view been photographed by someone either living nearby or from far away? Which has influenced these travelers more, the journey or the photographs? I hope the journey did. I also hope that the photos they brought back inspired some of their friends to make a journey to a faraway place or at least a nearby place they have never visited before.


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