The View From My Window

The view from my window
The view from my window
The view from my window

As a way to introduce ourselves to our peers in the MA Photography program, we were asked to “Take a picture from your window…” and post it in the forum for week one. We did not need to take a lot of time on the project but we did need to think about what this view said about us and our current situation, our photography or our general interests. I chose this view from our lounge (living room for all my American friends, I’ll try to translate as needed while I acquire more of the local lingo). For me, this view represents a lot of the changes that have happened in the last several months. When I first arrived in December, there was a very tall and overgrown hedgerow where the Cotswold stone wall now stands. The uprooting of the hedgerow could be thought of as our move from the US to Tetbury, making a change for the future. With that removed and the new stone wall in place, we have started to add potted plants instead of creating flower beds. Again, looking to the future, potted plants will be easier to manage than flower beds. The small lawn that takes about twenty minutes to mow with a non-motorized push mower is a big change from the large yard we had in Stafford, VA that took three hours to mow on a riding mower! Change is happening all the time. None of us is the same person we were yesterday and we will all be different tomorrow.


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