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I read about photography, a lot. I can read a book or magazine about photography or photo processing from cover to cover with no problem. With most any other genre of books I tend to get bored and put them down half way through, never to open them again. Books by Stephen King have been the notable exception. While I was leafing through a magazine yesterday, I came across an article about photography… Read More

Setting the ISO By setting the ISO you are are taking control of how sensitive the sensor in your camera is to light. It may not sound like much but this is the first real step toward taking full control of your camera. Setting the ISO is as easy as choosing a number in the ISO settings menu. Which number you should choose has to do with the amount of light available… Read More

“Green Camera” Mode When a camera comes from the manufacturer, it is most likely set to “Green Camera” mode (some manufacturers also use a red camera or other icon) if the camera has any modes other than full auto. This is so that most anyone can open the box, charge the battery and start making images without reading much about the camera except for the “Quick Start Guide”. The quick start guide… Read More