I have never talked so much in my life!

Sunday, in the Hart Community Center in Fredericksburg, VA I talked for a little over six hours! I set up a series of seminars, six total, about different photography related subjects. The plan: start at 10 am end at 4 pm, each seminar would be 45 minutes (including questions and answers) with a 15 minute break. It sounded pretty good. I got started on time and one seminar run into another. At 1pm or so, I really don’t remember, I did take a short break, maybe 10 minutes, to have a drink and a granola bar. While I was having my snack I did talk to a few people but I let them do most of the talking. Then I was off again! Before long it was 4pm. Time to pack up and go home.

I guess it was good that time went by so quickly. There was a bit of a snag during one seminar about Photoshop Layers. As happens in live demonstrations, Photoshop didn’t want to work the way I wanted it to. Oh well, a quick change of course and everything worked out. There were a lot of questions and everyone seemed to enjoy the seminars. But talking for six straight hours? On the drive home my throat was sore and I felt dehydrated. I started thinking about it and I realized that I had talked just about non-stop.

You have to understand something. As a child I was the one who never asked to get up in front of the class. I did only when absolutely necessary and usually under severe duress! All the way through school, even in college, I did not want to stand out. I guess this shows what a turn around someone can make when they truly find something they love and want to talk about it.

I love photography and I love talking about it! I love teaching photography and I live for those “light bulb” moments when someone finally understands something that has been giving them fits as they tried to figure it out. I’m not sure if I will ever set up a day to talk about photography for six straight hours again. Now I know that I can but I’m not sure I will want to.

Thank you to all who came out Sunday! I hope you enjoyed the day. But I have one request… don’t let me talk for six hours anytime soon!

Fredericksburg Photography Show

Fredericksburg Photography Show

If you are interested in looking at photographs, as photographers we all should be, then this weekend will be a treat for you. You can take a look at other photographers’ work at the 30th annual Fredericksburg Photography Show sponsored by the Fredericksburg Department of Parks and Recreation. The show opened Thursday and runs through Sunday, at the Dorothy Hart Community Center, 408 Canal Street in Fredericksburg. The show is free and open to the public.

This year there are three divisions that photographers could participate in, junior – 16 years old and under, amateur and advanced amateur. Within each division there are 11 categories in which the photographers could enter their work: Animals (all animals and sea life), Architecture/Buildings, Black & White, Children, Close-up Nature (Including Macro), Enhanced (no restrictions on use of digital, hand tinting, Polaroid transfers, etc.), People (subject being the main interest), Plants (all plant life, including mushrooms), Scenic, Unclassified (does not fit into one of the other categories) and Sunrise / Sunset. If you are interested in photography I’m sure you will find some images that you will interest you.

Each year the Fredericksburg Photography Club supports the show by having members at the show to answer any questions you might have. They can help with questions about the show and how to participate next year. If you have any photography related questions or questions about the club I’m sure they will be happy to help.

Show Hours:
Saturday, 10am – 4pm
Sunday, 12pm – 4pm

Summer begins this weekend

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. As I was growing up we most always lived near the beach. My father was in the Navy so that’s the way it worked out. You can’t be in the Navy and not spend a good number of years near the water. Growing up near a beach meant most summers were spent in the sun, sand and waves. When I got my first camera it was with me all the time and that meant heading to the beach. I shot many a roll of film at the beach and other places as well. That got me thinking. As the long weekend starts today, what will you be doing photographically this summer?

I’ll be starting off the summer with two shoots this weekend. The first is a MoPho Meetup in Alexandria. We will be getting together to make images with no “cameras” at all. Cellphones, iPods, iPads and anything else that has a camera is what we will be shooting with. The second will be a “Zombie Pin-up” calendar shoot on Monday. That should be a fun shoot so I will let you know how it goes on Tuesday. As the summer progresses I’ll be teaching photography classes for Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation and for their Summer Camps. That should be a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to it. There is also a class to teach on photographing your art work, DPA classes and several Meetups to go to. I looks like a busy summer for me, photographically that is!

I hope you have a great summer filled with creating lots of great images!

Free Art Friday Fredericksburg

Free Art Friday Fredericksburg (FAFFVA) will be, starting January 6th, a monthly event happening on the first friday of each month. I can’t say that I am the mastermind behind this one because I’m not. In an email I saw a link to FAFDC (Washington, DC) and I was intrigued so I had to investigate. Salvadore Delvesco was inspired by FAFALT (Atlanta, GA) to start FAFDC. I liked the concept so much I sent a message to a friend of mine, Sue Henderson, an artist from Fredericksburg, asking if we should start a FAF in the ‘Burg. Being the impatient person that I am, I could wait for a reply, and thinking about it for, oh 5 minutes, I decided to go ahead a get one started! Within a few minutes of creating a FAFFVA Facebook page another artist friend of mind, Terri Creasy, liked the page.

Here are the rules as posted by Kenn Twofour the person behind FAFALT:

Free Art Friday is an art scavenger hunt that happens on the first Friday of every month.Participants make art and place it around town for others to find and take home.
We really encourage you to make art not just take art!
Life is more fun when you are playing the game and not just watching the game!
Here is the basic info:
1. Make art.
2. The art should be weatherproof. It’s going to be outside.
3. No web address on the front of the pieces. Don’t be tacky.
4. Hang your art around town for people to find.
5. Post a photo and clues to the location of the art on Facebook and Twitter.

So with all that in mind I invite anyone in the Fredericksburg area to participate in Free Art Friday Fredericksburg. I will be posting more information on Facebook so like the page and Follow what’s going on at @FAFFVA on Twitter!

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