Summer begins this weekend

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. As I was growing up we most always lived near the beach. My father was in the Navy so that’s the way it worked out. You can’t be in the Navy and not spend a good number of years near the water. Growing up near a beach meant most summers were spent in the sun, sand and waves. When I got my first camera it was with me all the time and that meant heading to the beach. I shot many a roll of film at the beach and other places as well. That got me thinking. As the long weekend starts today, what will you be doing photographically this summer?

I’ll be starting off the summer with two shoots this weekend. The first is a MoPho Meetup in Alexandria. We will be getting together to make images with no “cameras” at all. Cellphones, iPods, iPads and anything else that has a camera is what we will be shooting with. The second will be a “Zombie Pin-up” calendar shoot on Monday. That should be a fun shoot so I will let you know how it goes on Tuesday. As the summer progresses I’ll be teaching photography classes for Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation and for their Summer Camps. That should be a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to it. There is also a class to teach on photographing your art work, DPA classes and several Meetups to go to. I looks like a busy summer for me, photographically that is!

I hope you have a great summer filled with creating lots of great images!

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