I posted this image at Posterous the other day:

The images that I post there automatically go to several other places and Facebook is one of them. I added the comment “From my point and shoot then processed on my iPad using Snapseed and PStouch.” That was basically the caption I used when posting the image but the captions don’t post on Facebook.

That evening a friend of mine posted a comment, “Vincent… seem to be having too much fun not using a DSLR!” I wrote back a quick comment without thinking much about it, “Freedom! That’s what it’s all about. Just create and have fun, the equipment is a distant third!” The more I thought about that comment the more it meant to me.

Getting away from all the equipment that I once carried has been liberating. Carrying a point and shoot has made a big difference in the number of images I’m making. I’m not sure why that is but I like it. Being able to process images on the go means I can post them where ever I am whenever I want to. I like that as well. I have far too many images on discs and hard drives that no one has ever seen and its time that changed!

I just posted an updated version of my reply on Twitter that has become my new mantra: “#Photography is about Freedom, the freedom to create, the freedom to have fun and the equipment should always run a very distant third!”

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