I have seen many people start a 365 Project, some finish and some don’t. What they all have in common is coming up with 365 images to post every day of the year. Well I’m not going to post new stuff for my project but I will post everyday, starting with today. You can see my posts at Posterous.com as I post them. What will I be posting if not a new image taken everyday to post that day? Well I have a huge backlog of images that I want to catalogue and for the life of me I’m not very motivated to do it! I’m hoping that My 365 Project will give me the swift kick I need to get going, keep going and “Git ‘er Dun!”

I’m looking for a little motivation here so if you read this please head over and take a look at what I have posted. If you like what you see then post a comment! That would be great, I’d love it! If you don’t like what you see then post a comment and tell me why! I’d love that too! If you don’t see anything posted then give me a good old brow beating for not getting my stuff done! I know I will need that as well.

Thanks in advance for your comments and help!

Written by Vincent Knaus

I am a photographer and an instigator of all things photographic! When I bought my first SLR camera way back when I knew that photography was all I wanted to do. I'm still having fun doing what I love... photography!

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