Taking control of your camera step by step Part 9

Finally, here we are at Manual Mode. When you are using Manual Mode you have complete control over your camera. You are 100% in charge of everything, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and everything else. You are also 100% responsible for any mistakes that you make!

Manual mode is not as scary as it may seem. Once you set your ISO and White Balance you can let those settings go to the back of your mind until you need to changed them again. It does not matter if you choose the aperture or the shutter speed first. You will find yourself choosing one or the other first in different situations. As with aperture priority you will want to choose your aperture first if you want to be sure of your depth of field. When you want to freeze or blur action you will want to choose your shutter speed first

One thing to remember about Manuel Mode is that you can overexpose or underexpose as you like eliminating the need for exposure compensation. In fact, exposure compensation for the camera does not work in Manual Mode for that very reason.

5 thoughts on “Taking control of your camera step by step Part 9

  1. I just stumled on this…you finally got me motivated and inspired to learn my camera. I have been in auto mode since the beginning of owning my nikon.

    1. I’m glad you liked the post! Its good to hear you are motivated to learn more about your camera. Have fun and practice, that’s the best way to learn.

      1. I just read all 9 steps. It’s a nice resource and I am glad to know where it is so I can look it up when I want. Also, it is food for thought and inspirations for questions which I now have and will ask on Wednesday evening! Thanks for the tutorial & motivation.

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