Just having fun!

I received a new camera the other day, a Ricoh GR IV. While I was looking through the owner’s manual I saw something I had to try. The longest exposure possible on this small point and shoot camera is 180 seconds. A three minute exposure to work with! My other point and shoots only go up to 60 seconds so I wanted to see how this camera did at 3 minutes. This particular night there was a full moon and clear skies, the perfect conditions for making some images using long exposures.

Moonlit Yard
Moonlit Yard

Our front yard faces northeast and there are lights from a nearby city that were lighting up some clouds. Perfect! As you can see the clouds were moving in the breeze and a truck drove by while the shutter was open.

Moonlit House
Moonlit House

Next I thought I’d use the house as my subject. Again, a three minute exposure but the house is a bit backlit as it faces northeast. The moonlight created some shadows on the grass and lit up the trees behind the house. I like being able to make exposures longer than one minute with a point and shoot. I think I’ll be out just having fun with this camera quite often!

Technical info: 180 sec., f5, ISO 100, 28mm lens, Auto White Balance, Matrix Metering, Self timer set to 2 seconds.

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