Adobe Create Now World Tour

Tuesday morning I was in Silver Spring , Maryland for the Create Now World Tour. This was a free event hosted by Adobe to promote the Creative Cloud. I like going to events like this especially when they are free. There are only two stops in the U.S. left on the tour for this year, New York and Seattle (both still have space available). If you are in the UK there are two stops scheduled for Edinburgh (space still available) and Bristol (sold out).

Terry White, Paul Trani and David Helmly showed a sell out crowd many of the new features of some of the Creative Cloud apps. After watching the show I could not wait to get home and play with some of the cool tools they were showing us. As is typical after a day at these shows, by the time I got home I could not remember how to do much of what I saw at the show. I did remember one thing that helped me remember almost everything I saw that morning, Adobe TV. I have visited Adobe TV in the past but now I could relive what they showed us.

Both Terry and Paul have videos showing exactly what they showed at Create Now. I haven’t checked out David’s videos yet but I plan to. You might be thinking, “Well I didn’t miss much” and maybe you are right, but watching someone do this stuff live certainly made an impression on me. Watching the videos brings back and reinforces what I saw because, like I said, I couldn’t remember how to do much of what I saw when I got home. Having those videos to watch is a nice bonus on an already great day. If you are in one of the three cities left on the tour for this year register and go! You won’t regret it.

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