Let’s admit it, we are all afraid of failure. We do everything we can to try and avoid failure, but you know what? We are all going to fail every now and then. So, get on with it. Don’t let the possibility of failure hold you back. I said, back in August, that I was going to put out a newsletter in September. That was my goal. Well, I sat down several times to design it. “I want this to be great!” I thought. After several attempts and the month of September now gone, I sat down yesterday, October 2, and just did it. I put together a newsletter. At this point, I thought, it wasn’t going to be very impressive but I had to get it out. The thing in the back of my mind was, if it’s not very impressive, in fact if it sucks, well, that would be a bad thing. Yes it would, but it would also not be the end of the world.

So, I sat down and in one go got my first newsletter out. It went out to those who signed up for it. Mostly friends, other photographers and students. And guess what! Yep, FAIL! I missed a couple of things that I shouldn’t have. One was glaringly obvious only after I pressed send which is usual for me. Pressing the send button somehow clears the RAM in my brain and I usually find one or more mistakes in what I have written. It was there all along but I never saw it. So my thought for today, don’t worry about getting everything perfect. The world won’t end. You can learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

I have about three weeks until the next news letter should go out. It’s going to be great, award winning even! I only have three weeks to worry about it!