A Change of Plan


I have decided to change some of what I post about here on this blog. There is a good reason why and it has to do with one of my biggest pet peeves. Everyone has pet peeves and I certainly have a few of my own. One thing that really peeves me is the misinformation that can be found all over the interwebs that concerns photography. Things like:

ISO controls shutter speed – asked by several different people in classes I have taught, I tracked this one down to a book by a well-known author of photography books. ISO never controls shutter speed. It can’t, never has and never will.

Neutral density filters control depth of field – I saw this recently on a well-known blog about photography. Wrong! Again, they can’t, never have and never will. This title is misleading and doesn’t have to be. Why do they do this? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a kind of clickbait enticing people to read because they know that ND filters can’t control depth of field. The problem with this tactic is new photographers will read this and the title of the post will get stuck in their heads.

I will try to shine a light on this misinformation when I find it and post that information here to help correct or clarify why it is incorrect. I will still be posting tips and tricks but not here. That information will be posted on other blogs. I’ll post links when I have everything sorted out.

I’ll be looking for things to post about so if you have heard of anything misleading or just need some clarification on a topic please let me know. I hope I can help. Thanks for bearing with me. I have some ideas for posts, including the list above, in the works and you should see them posted here very soon!

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