What We See Is What We Are

‘There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.’ Ernst Haas

We put a lot of ourselves into our photography. This is why it is so hard for us when a friend or family member does not like one of our picture as much as we do. It’s nothing personal. The person you are showing your pictures to does not have the same connection to them as you do. In many ways, our pictures are an extension of ourselves. In the same way, we want to be accepted and liked by others; we want our pictures to be accepted and liked.

We take pride in what we create, and we want feedback. Getting feedback is the best way to improve as photographers. To get feedback, we must show our work. The feedback from family and friends can be less than inspiring, so where can we show our work to others to get the feedback we need? There are many online communities built around photography. Instagram was set up for posting pictures made on mobile devices only. Over the years, Instagram has evolved to include images created using various devices and now includes video. Facebook has many different groups based on a variety of different photographic genres, so you should be able to find one that suits you. The picture that accompanies this article was posted on both Instagram and Facebook. And there is a multitude of websites that host communities of photographers. A quick Google search for the genre you like the most should turn up several suggestions.

Photography clubs, like Tetbury Camera Club are also places to get feedback. You are encouraged to show your work and get feedback from other members within the club. Even if you are not ready to show your work, hearing the feedback other club members are receiving can help you improve your work. Improving your work can free you from your current limitations as a photographer. This can help you see photographic possibilities that you my not have considered before. Create an infinite loop of showing your work, getting feedback, and showing new work is a great way to become a better photographer.

If you are interested in photography, we invite you to join the Tetbury Camera Club. We welcome photographers of all skill levels. To get more information about the Tetbury Camera Club and our programme of online meetings, please visit us at TetburyCameraClub.org.uk

This is an article I wrote for the Tetbury Camera Club that appeared in the May 2021 edition of the Tetbury Advertiser.

2 thoughts on “What We See Is What We Are

  1. Dear Vincent, It is a pleasure to be receiving your posts again. Some years ago, I took your lighting class at The Workhouse. Soon after, you were gracious enough to speak to my photo club at OLLI (the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). I wonder if you would you be interested in speaking to us again through the medium of ZOOM technology, on a topic of your choice. In terms of a time frame, I was thinking of this coming Spring. We would be most grateful if you could make time for us. We meet on the second Friday morning of each month. Looking forward to hearing from you, Best regards, Bob Kelberg

    1. Hi Bob, Thanks for the note! I would he happy do a Zoom presentation for the OLLI group. Did you have anything in mind? I can put something together and have it ready for sometime this spring. Just let me know what you and the group would like to learn about. All the best, Vincent

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