Month long project

The view out of a window here at my house.

I sit at this window every morning from late fall to early spring watching for the school bus. When all the leaves are off the trees until they come back in the spring we have a clear view of the bus stop just before ours. We live on a corner so the boys just have to walk to the end of the drive way and a short way before they are at the bus stop. This morning I was sitting there thinking that there must be something interesting to photograph in all that. So I started to really look and see the possibilities.

I have been following Michael Kitada’s blog at for some time now. I read a few of his posts about making images in his back yard, something I have been doing on occasion in my backyard. Since I started reading his blog I have liked his tag line “Be inspired!”. I have been using a similar tag line of “Create Every Day!” for years. Its something I don’t do, photographically at least, often enough. Michael’s blog is full of ideas to help you find inspiration and I guess he and his blog are more than just a little bit responsible for the inspiration for what I came up with.

Sitting at that window on this rainy, cloudy, dreary morning, I came up with a plan: make a photograph a day for the next 30 days of that area of the yard and only from that area. Doing a photo a day is not very original idea but I look at it more as a challenge than just making an image a day. In this view it does not look very inspiring and that is part of what I mean when I say I look at it as a challenge. Creating images is easy in some places. All you need to do is get to the right location. What I think will be the biggest challenge is finding images I want to post and share with people from just the part of our yard.

If you want to follow along I’ll be posting the daily images to my Tumblr account for all to see. I’ll post weekly updates here with a recap of all the images from each week. I’m looking forward to the challenge and I hope you like the images I come up with.

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