Where have you been for the past three weeks?

In the previous post, I said I was going to post a photo a day of my yard. So, what happened? Well, that’s a very good question. As happens often with me when I set out to do a personal project, the universe has another plan! Several things have been going on some good and some not so good. I’ve felt a bit ill on a few occasions, staying in bed trying to sweat out a fever is not my idea of fun but it beats being really sick for a few days. I have signed a contract with Digital Photo Academy to teach classes and getting everything they need to get things started has taken up quite a bit of time. I have been running back and forth like crazy making sure the boys get to their after-school activities and I have been to a few Meetups that I organize. Busy yes but should I let it get in the way of creating images? Well no, I shouldn’t, but I have. It’s not like I haven’t been making photos at all, just not of what I set out to make photos of. And therein lies the story of my photographic life.

You see I truly believe that the photo universe will give you hints as to what you should be shooting. These hints can be very subtle or a right kick in the pants! When I was assisting other photographers I said all I wanted to do was stock photography. Go to nice place shot everything is saw and then market those images to various photo buyers. Yeah, do that and life would be grand! The one thing I did not want to do was to shoot people! Well guess what, most of the work I have been assigned to do has been… you guessed it… photograph people. The photo universe loves to play wicked little games with us photographers. Well, maybe its just me.

So what does all this have to do with the last three weeks? Like I said I have been making photos of different things but those things are just not what I set out to do for a month. Is that a bad thing? I think not. But, if you were hoping to see what I came up with from the part of my yard that you can see from that window, well, you might be saying… “Get out there and shoot something!” and you would be right!

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