Wilson Bridge at Night

Recently, as the organizer of the Night and Low Light Photography Group I went to Alexandria to photograph the Woodrow Wilson Bridge with several members of the group. This was the first time that I have gone to photograph the bridge since the new bridge was completed. I have driven across it several times and I think it’s a great looking bridge, not as nice as some, but a lot nicer than what was there. I plan on going back and photographing the bridge again and again. There are a lot of great angles and views to explore from both sides of the river and from the river itself. I like finally getting out to photograph something that I have been thinking about photographing for a while. Not that I have checked it off my list but because I want to go back again and again to see how I can make photos of something that many people look at everyday and never give it much thought. Why don’t you find a subject that you think many people take for granted and show everyone what they are not seeing?

Woodrow Wilson Bridge at Night

One thought on “Wilson Bridge at Night

  1. I LOVE bridges at night. Also tunnels, airports and oil refineries. They all look like abstract sculpture or abandoned light bulb farms. I like to paint these, but first I should learn how to make my own reference photos so as not to steal another’s creativity.

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