Why make an image?

Have you ever thought about what caused you, at any particular moment, to make an image? I say make because there was some thought process at work when you thought “Hey, that’s nice, I think I’d like to have a photograph of that.” Taking a photograph has always sounded a bit sketchy to me. Like running into a gallery and grabbing the first photograph you see and heading for the door. We should always make photographs not take them. So what where you thinking when you made that photograph? It sounds like an easy enough question but at times you just don’t know or do you? Think about it for a minute, something inspired you to make that photograph. Was it the light? How about the subject? Was it possibly a combination of the two? Maybe it was an event that would never be repeated? Where you at a location that you might never get back to again?

Think about it next time you want to make an image… Why should I make this image?

Deep In Thought

Deep In Thought

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