Baseball Rainbow

Baseball on White Background

Baseball on White Background

I have been asked many times, “How did you do that in photoshop?” Well, the easy answer is that I didn’t do this in photoshop, I did this with light. Originally titled “Baseball on White Background” seemed to confuse people and suggest that the color was added after creating the image. Those of you who know me, know that I like to do things with as little photoshop work as possible unless I plan for it. Here I just wanted to have some fun with three speedlights and three colored gels. The baseball was in the middle of a triangle of speedlights. Each speedlight was fitted with a red, blue or green gel. Each speedlight produced light that was the primary color of the gel. Where two or more colors mixed a secondary color or something close to white was created. A camera, a white background, three speedlights, three gels, one baseball, lots of shadows and a rainbow of color is all it took to make this image.

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