Finding Inspiration

How do you find the inspiration that helps you create the images you really love? Finding inspiration at the best of times can be very frustrating. If you have a deadline and need to send ideas to someone for a project you can multiply that panic. When ideas are not coming and you are getting close to the deadline true panic can set in and shut you down. Deadlines can cause panic with a very paralyzing effect.


Being open to all the possibilities and all the possible creative influences is one way to unlock the inner creative ideas that you have. Do you have a song that you have been listening to over and over in your head? Play that song and start listening to it. Not just hearing it, the music and lyrics, but really listening. Get the lyrics and following along as your song plays over and over. Let yourself drift in the lyrics and melody and watch what you mind’s eye creates. You may see an image you just have to create.

Do you have a favorite film that you haven’t watched in a while. Get it out, watch it straight through and then go back to that one scene that you just can’t forget. Look at the lighting, the set, the wardrobe, the actors and listen to the dialogue and sounds that accompany that scene over and over. There is something about that scene that you like so find it and use that as inspiration for an image.

Music and films have always been a big influence in my life. You may have something else that you feel is a big influence in your life. Open yourself to the possibilities of that influence and see where your mind takes you. Inspiration is where you find it. Sometimes it’s the journey toward inspiration that leads to great images.

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