Cyber Attacks and Other Mayhem

I guess it was bound to happen. Last evening I received an email from Google saying that I had Malware on the website where I show most of my work (as I am writing this, Google has not yet lifted the warning). It seem that someone got into the site and on Sept 23, 2013 added Malware in the form of Java Script. I have been thinking about updating the site for a while so I guess this is as good a time as ever! All the Malware has been removed and I am waiting for Google to remove the warnings: “Suspected Malware Site” and “Warning: Visiting This Site May Harm Your Computer.” So how did Google know that Malware was on the site? I have Google Analytics on that site and it will soon be on all my other sites as well. It seems that they noticed something fishy going on and set a bot to check it out. Kinda cool! I’ll be updating all of the sites over the next few months with must do’s coming first to all sites.

I guess I let the cat out of the bag at the DSLR class yesterday. I described an image that I have in mind and now everyone wants to see how it turns out. I guess I had better get to work on it! The last time I described it to a group most just looked confused. Hey, it works in my mind!

Last week I had two shoots with a new model named Karen. She is great! A model, actress and comedian with a great outlook on the business. We got a lot of nice images of her. I’m looking forward to our next shoot!

The 2014 calendars have been printed! The Zombie Pinup Calendar and the Things That Go Bump In The Night Calendar can be purchased this weekend at the Monster-Mania Con in Hunt Valley, MD. Cori and some of the girls will be there to sign calendars and pose for photos! Shooting these two calendars started in early January and finished in mid July. It was great working with Cori and the girls! I’m looking forward to working on the 2015 calendars.

For anyone that my not know about I have started a Facebook group called 104 Weekly Photo Projects. I thought it would be a great way to encourage photographer from my classes and Meetup Groups to practice photography. I post a new project every Wednesday morning at 1am on Create Photographics and then when I get up (did you really think I was staying up and posting at 1am every Wednesday?) just after 5am in the Facebook Group. Take a look and see what others have been posting!

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