World Photography Day 2013

If you did not know it, today is World Photography Day. You might be wondering what is World Photography day about. “World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography. Whether you see yourself as an Amateur, Hobbyist or Professional, August 19th is a day to embrace your love of photography.” (from

With today being World Photography Day I have a question. What will you do photographically today? If you are like many people with a full-time job, fitting in time on a Monday to make some photos might not be very high on your list of priorities. You may not have even thought about making photos today. What about looking at some photos? Is there a gallery or museum nearby that you can visit? What about a bookstore or newsstand where you might buy a book or magazine about photography? Have you been thinking about a photography project that you would like to work on? Why not take some time and do some planning for that project?

I know all of that may not sound a good as getting out and making some photos. So, what are you waiting for? Why are you sitting here reading this? You’re burning light! Grab your camera and have some fun!

2 thoughts on “World Photography Day 2013

  1. I don’t think I will be able to get out and shoot today but I might just explore a couple of my surrealism photography books by Jerry Uelsmann, Dominic Rouse and Duane Michals. I will also be working on talking to new, potential photography clients.

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