Learning Something New

We are all on a journey of discovery where photography is concerned. That is because there will always be something new to learn. We all have those things we like to photograph. One of the great things about photography is that the skills you have previously learned can be used to create photographs of almost anything. From camera skills to lighting skills, once you know the basics, you are free to explore any area of photography you choose. Continually building on the skills that you already have is what keeps all of us interested in photography.


When learning a new technique, we need to practice the skills required to produce the pictures that we aspire to create. Learning something new takes time. We all learn at our own pace. We all start out with a camera, a curious mind, and an untrained eye. Where we go from there is up to us. Some skills take longer to master than others, so be sure to give yourself time to practice. The more versatile you are as a photographer, the more ways you have to enjoy taking pictures.

Don’t worry that the number of ‘keepers’ you bring home is less than you are used to when you are learning a new technique. In fact, you will probably find that this number is significantly lower than you would like, and that’s just fine. As Jillian Michaels said, ‘If you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough.’ Let’s admit it, we are all afraid of missing that one great picture we see for only an instant, and we feel we should have done better and gotten the picture. We do everything we can to try and avoid that, but you know what? We are all going to miss those pictures every now and then. That does not mean that we have failed as photographers. It just means we need to practice more. So, get on with it. Don’t let the possibility of taking bad pictures hold you back from learning a new technique. What you will find is that the more you practice, the better you will become.

The same can be said about becoming comfortable photographing in a new genre. We all have our favourite subjects that we like to photograph. Potential restrictions that might be placed upon us at any time could keep us away from those subjects. We should all explore the possibilities of taking pictures close to home. This might also mean within our homes. Don’t let your camera bag collect dust because you no longer have access to those places you frequent regularly away from home. Develop some new skills and look into new genres that are accessible even if further restrictions are imposed. We all love photography because there are always new challenges. Challenge yourself to find a way to enjoy photography close to home.

For more information about the Tetbury Camera Club, please visit us online at TetburyCameraClub.org.uk

This is an article I wrote for the Tetbury Camera Club that appeared in the October 2020 edition of the Tetbury Advertiser.

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