Meeting Again

After a lengthy hiatus, the Tetbury Camera Club has been meeting again. For the past several weeks, members have been meeting on Tuesday evenings via Zoom the online meeting website. As we have all experienced not being able to meet with those who have similar interests to our own. So it has been nice to resume club meetings again. We have tried to keep our online programme the same as our past in-person programme where possible. We have also added some new ways to help our members stay active in photography.

Clearing Morning Fog

Our first speaker, Steve Myall, a Bristol-based photographer, talked about Street Photography and his ‘100 Strangers’ Project. Steve set a goal for himself to photograph 100 Strangers that he meets for the first time. He makes a portrait and talks with his subjects and then posts the pictures and information online with the subject’s permission. Steve gave some great tips and advice on how he finds and approaches his subjects. He started the project a few years ago and has photographed over 300 people since then.

Sally Sallett, presented ‘Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Camera’. She showed a variety of work and talked about some of her post-processing techniques. She uses a variety of digital cameras to create her pictures. Everything from DSLRs to Point and Shoot cameras as wells the camera on her mobile device, showing that the camera is just a tool to be used by someone with a creative eye.

‘Your Kitchen Drawer’ was the subject of our first monthly challenge. Club members were asked to create pictures of items found in their kitchen drawer. There were some very creative pictures presented by the club’s members. Why not give it a try and see what you can find in your kitchen drawer to photograph?

Club competitions have also moved online. Digital-only Open Competitions will be held for the foreseeable future. Club members can submit digital images that are then judged by an accredited judge. On the night of the competition, the pictures are critiqued during the online meeting. Looking at other member’s work and getting feedback on your own work is a great way to help you improve your photography skills. 

Anyone interested in photography is invited to join the Tetbury Camera Club. You can get more information about the Tetbury Camera Club and our programme of online meetings, please visit us at

An article I wrote for the Tetbury Camera Club that appeared in the November 2020 edition of the Tetbury Advertiser.

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