Light and Time

What makes photography a strange invention is its primary raw materials are light and time.’
– John Berger

Photography is a hobby we can enjoy anywhere. All we need is a camera, some light and a little time to make photos. It can be used as a way to escape our daily routine or to cement a fleeting moment into the permeant record of our lives. Recently some of my photographer friends have told me they have not pick up a camera in months, not even for life’s little moments. Right now, I can’t imagine not making photos. What else would I do with my time?

Orange Juice Pour
Orange Juice Pour

For me, making photos is a chance to figure out how things work. ‘How would it look if…’ is a question I ask myself all the time. The photo that accompanies this article was one of those ‘How would it look’ moments. The fun part was figuring out how to create the photo while not make a big mess! The challenge of trying to freeze the juice just at the right time, in just the right place, with just the right light, was more than I could resist. Well, I did make a bit of a mess, but I had fun in the process.

Light and time are things that only photography can preserve. No other hobby can do that. It is up to us as photographers to keep creating even though we may not be able to get to the places we would rather be photographing. Who knows maybe you will find something new, that you never thought you might like to photograph, at home. The next time you check your email, send a text or check in to you favourite social media feed, take a moment to turn on the camera on your mobile device and see what there is to photograph right next to you. A fleeting ray of light? A moment in time that you can preserve? Sometimes life’s little things are the most memorable. But if you feel nothing is happening, ask yourself ‘How would it look if…?’ Then give it a try!

For now Tetbury Camera Club meets via every Tuesday evening. We always welcome new members. For more information about the Tetbury Camera Club, please visit us online at

This is an article I wrote for the Tetbury Camera Club that appeared in the March 2021 edition of the Tetbury Advertiser.

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