Be Open To The Possibilities

You must learn to leave yourself open to accept things rather than anxiously searching for them.’ – Jay MaiseI, Photographer

I went for a walk, alone with my camera, for the first time in a long while recently. I have stayed close to home, working on photographing food for the past year. It felt good to be out with my camera, walking slower than I usually do when I’m out for exercise, observing and being open to the photographic possibilities around me. If I had been walking at my usual pace, I would have passed right by the small brown leaf resting on bright green lichen on the trunk of a tree. It is a small detail among a vast number of photographic possibilities along the Tetbury Trail.

Walking around town, you will find textures in wood, stone and plaster. Some of it is new or recently refurbished. Some are old and weathered, looking a bit tired but still standing strong against the elements and time as it constantly marching on. These textures change with the movement of the sun and the change in seasons. Bright sunlight brings out the texture by creating contrast between highlights and shadows. An overcast sky has an entirely different effect by softening the light and reducing the contrast and shadows. A rainy day can also bring out the texture with the highlights created by the rain clinging to everything it has fallen upon.

Not far from town, along the many lanes, footpaths and trails, nature offers up flowers, grasses, trees, birds, wildlife and much more. Crows in large numbers darken a freshly ploughed field. You will find flowers on brambles in the spring or berries in late summer. Lambs, calves and other livestock along with different crops growing in fields throughout the year are all waiting to be visually explored and photographed. Here in Tetbury, we live in a place where there is an endless supply of inspiration for pictures. You just have to take a walk with your camera, slow down, and be open to the possibilities.

If you are interested in photography, we invite you to join the Tetbury Camera Club. We welcome photographers of all levels. For more information about the Tetbury Camera Club, please visit us at

This is an article I wrote for the Tetbury Camera Club that appeared in the August 2021 edition of the Tetbury Advertiser.

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